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10 Smallest Countries In Europe

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Have you ever been curious about what the where the smallest countries in Europe are? Well here is your chance to find out!

Some countries are so small that it seems nobody thinks to visit them, so we don’t often end up hearing about them. I find it so fascinating to think about these tiny countries and what life must be like living there. 

I grew up in a Danish family and when someone would hear that my family is from Denmark, it was surprising how many people really didn’t know where that was! Most had never even heard of it before! I’m also frequently called Dutch instead of Danish because people think it’s the same (lol, it’s not).

So when I think of small countries, I think of my own experience of being from what is considered a small country and decided to find out the smallest countries in Europe. Funnily enough, Denmark didn’t make the list at all. 

Today I’m just going to focus on the smallest countries in Europe, so if you’re interested, keep on reading! 

Just a quick note: two other countries could have made this list – Georgia and Azerbaijan. I chose not to add them however because they are both on the border of Europe and Asia. The parts of them in Europe would qualify them for this list, but their overall size wouldn’t put them in the top 10. Don’t worry, they weren’t forgotten!

Vatican City

Coming in at the smallest country is Vatican City at just 0.44㎢. Many people wonder what country is Vatican City in, but it’s actually its own country! Fun fact: California’s Disneyland is larger than Vatican City!


In second place in Monaco at 1.95㎢. Monaco is located just off of France in the Mediterranean and is known for its luxury. 

San Marino

San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe at a size of 61㎢. San Marino is located within the country of Italy approximately an hour and a half drive outside of Bologna. 


Liechtenstein is 160㎢ and is located in the alps between Switzerland and Austria.  


Malta is a total of 316㎢. This tiny country is known for its amazing beaches pretty much all year long. 


Andorra comes in as the 6th smallest European country at 468㎢. Andorra is located in between Spain and France, so if you’re doing a trip in that area, you may as well make a short stop over to see what so many people are missing!


Luxembourg is a fair bit larger than the other countries mentioned so far, coming in at 2586㎢. Luxembourg is worth visiting to see the amazing architecture as they have many beautiful, historic castles. 


Cyprus is 9251㎢. This small country is well known for its party scene. 


Kosovo is 10, 887㎢ in size. Kosovo is actually a very new addition to the list of countries in Europe as it became independent from Serbia as recently as 2008. 


The 10th smallest European country is Montenegro which is 13,812㎢. Montenegro offers so much natural beauty with mountains, forests, lakes to explore. 

So there you have it, the 10 smallest countries in Europe! Have you visited any of these countries? Let us know down in the comments below. 

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10 Smallest Countries In Europe

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