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9 Must Have Travel Apps For Solo Female Travelers in 2024

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If you’re looking for the best travel apps for solo female travelers, then keep on reading! This list covers some of the most helpful apps for travel.

We always have our phones with us these days, but that’s not actually a bad thing. There are apps for everything now and that is so helpful when it comes to traveling, especially if you want to travel alone! 

If you’re a solo female traveler, or even if you’re traveling with others, these are some very handy apps that you should have on your phone for safety, or just for their overall convenience. These are some of the best international travel apps that you should have on your phone, especially as a solo female traveler. 

Must Have Travel Apps


The Tourlina app is a women only app that helps to match solo female travelers with other solo female travelers in the city they’re in based on their mutual interests. This is great for if you’re wanting to go explore museums, go to events etc. but you wish you had someone to go with you who would enjoy the experience just as much as you! 

Pack Point

Pack Point is a very handy packing app that can help you avoid packing unnecessary items, or forgetting important things that you should have packed. You can put in the duration of your trip and what activities you’ll be doing and it will come up with a list of what you’d need. You can also check the local weather at your destination to make sure you pack what’s needed for what the forecast has in store. 

Sit or Squat

Finding a good public restroom can actually be quite tricky, and nothing is worse than having a super full bladder with a sketchy restroom looking like your only option (you know the kind I mean… the ones that look like they’ve never seen a toilet brush). Well using an app like Sit or Squat can help save the day. People can rate the location in the app, and there is something special about going into a restroom that is clean! You can also have it organize options near you by what your needs may be ie. handicap accessibility, changing tables, overall ratings etc. 

RedZone Map

This app uses data from the Government and puts it into a map to show you were to avoid based on where crimes are more common. The map is color guided to you can easily see which areas to avoid. You can also use this app as a GPS and it will take you to your destination based on the safest ways to do so.

XE Currency

XE Currency and other apps like it are really handy if you’re traveling abroad to a destination that has a different currency than you’re used to. It helps you to convert the currency of your destination to other currencies such as your usual currency. This way you’re clear on how much you’re spending, which also helps you to avoid being ripped off by someone who might try to take advantage of you. 


Apps like EmergenSee are very handy to help keep you safe, especially if you’re traveling as a solo female. This app can record video, and tracks movement and your location by using your cell phone’s GPS then it can send this information to the contacts you’ve added to your profile if you’re ever in a dangerous situation. 


I think most women at this point track their period with an app. Using a period app like Clue is great for your travels because knowing when your period is coming is the best way to try to avoid being surprised by it, which isn’t fun in any situation, but especially while traveling. Check out my post on how to travel with your period for more tips. 

Solo Traveller

Using an app like Solo Traveller is obviously amazing for those who are traveling solo. This app is made to help connect solo travelers together who are in the same destination. This is a great way to meet fellow solo travelers while you’re on your journey. 

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor’s app is a great way to check out reviews of places on the go before you show up so you can try to make sure you’re not going to waste your money on a place with bad reviews. Make sure the hotel you have your eyes on doesn’t host bedbugs, and make sure the restaurants you want to eat at aren’t going to make you sick. I know some people have qualms with Trip Advisor for potentially hiding some bad reviews, but I find that it’s still an overall good app to have on you to get a general idea for a place before putting money out for it.

Hopefully this list of the must have travel apps will help you along your travel journeys. It’s always nice to have these apps for travelers on your phone just in case you need them, so be sure to download them ahead of time when you know you have reliable internet so you don’t find yourself stuck without them if you need them, especially the ones that are focused on safety.

Do you have any app recommendations for travelers? Add them in the comment section below!

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