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5 Fun Things To Do in Mallorca for Solo Travelers


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Thousands of visitors flock to Mallorca to enjoy the Spanish sun, sea, and sand. But aside from its sandy beaches, this gorgeous Balearic Island boasts cultural and historical treasures, including Gothic-style castles. Those who love nature will find plenty of opportunities to soak up the island’s natural beauty. 

To get the most out of your trip to this island paradise, you should have an itinerary to keep you and your companions entertained. So, here are some of the fun things to do in Mallorca as a solo traveler.

1. Visit the Village of Deià

Nestled on the northwest edge of Mallorca, Deia is a picturesque coastal village home to about a thousand residents. The village upheld much of the island’s Spanish and Moorish traditions and architecture, which makes it a fantastic place to explore.

While you can explore Deia on foot, cycling is a more enjoyable way to get around the village. You can rent a bike at one of the many bike rental facilities in the area, so rent a bike and cycle along the picturesque trails, taking you to the beach and through the lush mountains. 

As a small seaside village, Deia is pretty easy to explore. You can scour it within the day and stop by the local eateries and cafes for snacks and refreshments.

Perched in the Tramuntana Mountains, Deia is an ideal base for trekking to the top of the cliffs of Serra de Tramuntana. Thus, many of the visitors that come to the village would hike to the mountain. You can also take the trails that lead into the depth of the Barranc de Biniaraix, a deep gorge with stunning views. After your hike, head to Cala Deià, a tiny cove in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains.

2. Go Wine Tasting

While Mallorca is more famous for its stunning beaches, it also appeals to wine lovers, and you’ll find a growing number of small wineries spread across its scenic landscape. Thus, one of the fun things to do on the island is to join a wine-tasting tour.

Mallorca’s winemaking culture dates back to Roman times. However, the vineyards were devastated by phylloxera at the end of the 19th Century. Many failed to recover until late in the 20th Century. Nowadays, there is a growing number of small wineries on the island. Many of them are offering wine-tasting tours. Whether you love wine or not, this is something worth considering.

While the tour’s highlight is the wine tasting, these tours also offer a chance to learn more about the local wine industry. You will learn about the most important grape varieties and the regions in which they are grown. 

3. Explore the Beaches

No visit to Mallorca is complete without visiting the beach. After all, the island is the top destination for a relaxing beach holiday in Spain. There are hundreds of beaches around the island. In fact, many beautiful rental properties in Mallorca are only a short walk to the beach. These properties are the best option for those seeking somewhere to relax during their holiday on the island.

For families taking their kids to Mallorca, visit Playa d’Alcúdia, a 7-km long strip of fine white sands, offering plenty of space for you and your kids to play and lounge around. It also has entertainment facilities for kids, including banana boat rides, pedalos, and plenty of waterslides. 

Those visiting Mallorca to experience the party scene should go to Calvia Beach. It’s the party hub of the island, home to Mallorca’s best beach clubs. A few steps from Calvia Beach is the sophisticated Nikki Beach, which juts into the bay to the Illa de sa Porrassa. Here, you’ll find plenty of chic sun loungers to rent.

Es Trenc is one of Mallorca’s most popular beaches, thanks to its pristine white sands and turquoise waters that will remind you of the Caribbean. You will love chilling out at its glorious stretch of coastline, backed by pine trees.

4. Explore the Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor is one of Mallorca’s most popular attractions. Exploring it is a must on your visit. The narrow peninsula offers a remote spot to admire the breathtaking ocean views. Dubbed the “Meeting Point of the Winds, “due to the air currents from the Atlantic Ocean and the Iberian Peninsula, Cap de Formentor has long inspired artists, poets, and creatives.

One of the highlights of Cap de Formentor is the lighthouse, which you can reach via a winding road. The lighthouse was built in 1857 and was the highest lighthouse on the island. Getting to the lighthouse requires a bit of a trek, but the incredibly breathtaking views will make the efforts well worth it. 

When hiking towards the lighthouse, stop by the Formentor beach to relax. You will also find the stunning coves of Figuera and Murta. Both are perfect for taking a refreshing dip. 

Cap de Formentor is a stunning site loved by visitors due to its remote location. The path leading to the lighthouse can be tough to conquer, especially for those not used to hiking. However, the views will make the journey worth it.

5. Uncover Historical Sights in Palma

While most visitors to Mallorca would come here for the beach, it’s also a haven for history lovers. Its capital city, Palma, is home to fascinating historical monuments and sites. These include the Catedral de Mallorca and the Royal Palace of La Almudaina.

The Cathedral de Mallorca is the most popular of these sights. It’s a Gothic Cathedral with a splendid facade built around the 14th to 16th centuries. The interiors are just as fascinating as the exteriors, so take the time to explore and admire its ornate frescoes.

Meanwhile, the Royal Palace of La Almudaina is a gorgeous 10th Century Muslim fortress, now the king’s official residence. During the Catalan conquest in the 14th Century, the palace was rebuilt and now features Gothic-style architecture. The other historical sights to uncover in Palma include the Nuevo Pueblo Español, Castell de Bellver, and the Arab baths.

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