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6 Benefits Of Solo Travel (Why You Should Travel Alone)

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If you’re wondering what the benefits of solo travel are, then keep on reading! There are many benefits of traveling alone, and this list goes through some of the top ones!

For most of us, the idea of traveling solo for the first time can feel very daunting and overwhelming. Well the good news is it doesn’t have to. In fact, traveling solo can be a lot of fun! 

Having at least one solo travel experience in your life is a must. If you’re wondering why solo travel is important, or why travel solo at all, I hope this post will help inspire you!

There are many posts out there about why you should travel alone in your 20s which is true, but to be honest, traveling alone at any age I think is beneficial to building confidence, learning about the world, and personal growth!

I also have a post on how to travel alone for the first time that you can check out. 

Here are some of the best solo female travel benefits.

Solo Travel Gives You Confidence

When you travel solo, you’re putting yourself into new situations and environments that you have to figure out on your own. This can feel overwhelming for the first time, especially if you’re traveling somewhere where you don’t speak or understand the language, but once you see yourself making it through all of these situations, it gives you a sense of confidence that you don’t get from any other situation that you would have been dealing with at home in your comfort zone. 

woman traveling solo looking at cliffs and ocean

Solo Travel Gives You Independence

Traveling solo helps to give you independence. You’re not having to rely on anyone else for your needs or wants, everything is up to you. This is very exciting and freeing! 

Solo Travel Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Traveling alone is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Not only are you not physically in a place that you’re accustomed to, but you don’t have anyone around you to help with your bags, keeping track of things like boarding passes and passports, dealing with new transit systems or pointing the way for directions. All of these things are on your shoulders and doing this alone and being successful with it is a great way to grow quickly as a person. Plus as you travel, you learn about other people’s traditions and cultures which is often very different from where you may have come from. 

woman traveling solo at Big Ben in London

You’re In Control Of The Schedule

The joy of traveling alone is that you really have control of every part of the trip. There’s no compromising with others and you don’t have to waste your time and money potentially doing activities you’re not interested in! One of the best parts of solo travel is being able to see whatever you want, whenever you want! This can be a great way to make sure you’re able to make the most of your itinerary during the time you have in the place that you’re visiting. 

Make Local Friends

When you’re traveling on your own, you’re more likely to speak with those around you if you’re wanting a bit of company. This is a great way to make friends with the locals, or even with fellow travelers! Learn about your destination through the eyes of those who live there and get some great tips for what to see off the usual tourist path. 

Find Yourself

Solo travel is always a very transformative experience. You’re seeing and doing so many new things, relying on yourself, and having this amazing experience. You can’t travel alone without developing a stronger relationship with yourself and gaining a new level of trust and respect for yourself. It can literally be a very spiritual journey even if that’s not what you were looking for. It will find you. 

Woman traveling solo holding a map

Of course there are pros and cons of traveling alone, and like everything, there can be some disadvantages to traveling alone. My biggest tip for avoiding any issues is to be informed! Choose a safe location that you feel comfortable with, and like anywhere in the world, just be aware of your surroundings and take precautionary measures where applicable!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration to travel solo to create the trip of your dreams! Where would you like to travel to on your next solo journey?

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6 Benefits Of Solo Travel (Why You Should Travel Alone)

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