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15 Cool Facts About Italy

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If you’re interested in learning some facts about Italy, then keep on reading!

There are so many things that Italy is known for around the world, and it’s always fun to have a few facts up your sleeve for when a conversation comes up about a specific destination.

Tuscany from Above

I am personally obsessed with facts. Not just about destinations, but about anything really. However, instead of boring you with random facts I’ve accumulated over the years, I thought I would put together a fun list of 15 facts all about Italy! If you’re looking for some information about Italy and some cool facts about Italy, and Italy geography, you’re going to want to stick around.

Venice from above

Population of Italy:

62 Million (2019)

Capital of Italy:

Rome is the capital of Italy.

Colosseum Rome Italy

Language(s) spoken in Italy:

Italian, German, French & Ladin are the official languages in Italy.

Religion In Italy:

80% of Italians are Roman Catholic.

Italian Currency:

The euro is the official currency in Italy.

cinque terre

National Day In Italy:

June 2nd (Festa della Repubblica).

Italian Flag:

The colors of the Italian flag represent: hope (green), faith (white), charity (red).

Countries That Boarder On Italy:

France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Vatican City and San Marino

Florence Italy from above

Biggest City In Italy:

Rome is the largest city in Italy.

Other things to know about Italy

  • Italy is one of the 6th founding countries of the EU.
  • Italy is shaped like a high heel boot.
  • Italy has more than 7600KM of coastline.
Dolomite Mountains Italy
  • The Alps and Apennies are two main mountain ranges in Italy. High peaks are over 3000M high (Dolomites are part of Alps).
  • Italy has multiple active volcanoes. In Southern Italy: Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli. Etna is most active volcano in Europe, located in Sicily.
  • The largest Italian island is Sicily. Sicily is also the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Hopefully these facts about Italy were helpful for you in expanding your knowledge about this beautiful country. To learn more, check out this article that has over 50 facts about Italy!

Do you have any important facts about Italy that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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15 Cool Facts About Italy

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