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The Top 8 Solo Female Travel Destinations in the USA

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Are you planning to travel solo and you’re wondering where you should go for solo female travel in the USA? Keep on reading to see some of our top suggestions for solo travel destinations in the USA.

When it comes to planning a solo trip in the States, there are so many options that it can be hard to narrow it down! 

Overall, America is a safe destination for solo female travel, so it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular destination! In fact, my own first solo trip was to New York City! 

While it’s hard to narrow down where to go, we gave it our best shot and have created a list of 8 American cities to visit on your next solo adventure!

San Francisco, California

California as a whole is a wonderful place for solo female travel in the USA, but if we have to narrow it down to just one city, our recommendation would have to be San Francisco!

There are so many things to see in San Francisco such as the Golden Gate Bridge, take a little trip over to Alcatraz, take a trip on a cable car (they look fun, and will save your legs from hiking the wildly steep hills), or explore the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Of course, if you were ever a fan of the tv show Full House, you can also catch a glimpse of the colorful line of townhouses used in the opening credits! The homes are called the Pink Ladies and you can find them on Steiner Street!

Golden. Gate Bridge Solo female travel USA post

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honestly you could visit pretty much anywhere in Hawaii and it would be on this list, but for simplicity’s sake, we’re just going to touch on Honolulu.

There is so much natural beauty surrounding Honolulu, Hawaii that you need to see! Relax by the ocean on the beach, go swimming around coral gardens at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, or explore the Lyon Arboretum! 

Honolulu Hawaii

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is another paradise for nature lovers. The beautiful surrounding red rocks are breathtaking and unlike the nature you see in most other places in the world. Sedona has great hiking opportunities where you can really connect with nature.

Another thing that Sedona is very known for is spirituality! There are many spiritual and holistic modalities available here, which is very appealing to the spiritual and alternative health crowd. Spend time  connecting with nature and yourself in Sedona, Arizona. 

Sedona, Arizona

New York City, New York

Of course, New York City was going to make the list of places for solo female travel in the USA! New York City is a bustling city, aptly called the concrete jungle. There is always something amazing to see and do when you’re in New York. There are endless restaurants to try, events to attend, and museums to explore.

Get a great overview of the city and Empire State Building from The Top of the Rock, and take a stroll through Central Park for the nature experience. Don’t forget to do some shopping (or window shopping) in while you’re here, the city has so many stores to fit anyone’s style, and has stores from all around the world! 

New York City

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a really fun city to visit, especially if you appreciate modern architecture. A great place to see some beautiful buildings is from the Skydeck where you can look out over the entire city!

Also, be sure to go by Millenium Park and see Cloud Gate aka “The Bean” which is an art sculpture in the center which is one of the most photographed areas in all of Chicago.

You can also explore the Riverwalk while you’re here. You can physically walk and take in the sights, or you can take a boat cruise down the river while you take in the sights. If you’re a baseball fan, maybe you’ll want to catch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field!

Chicago Illinois

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is of course widely known for its Mardi Gras festival, but there are many more things to see and do on your trip here! First of all, the buildings here are gorgeous and it’s worth it to go around and admire the architecture and grab a few pictures for the ‘gram.

Once you’re done with the buildings, if you want to find some nature spots, there’s no better place to check out nature than at City Park. This park is abundant with trees and flowers which would be a  dream to see, especially in the spring when everything begins to bloom!

Want the best of both worlds and want to combine some nature and architecture? Then be sure to spend some time in the Garden District! 

New Orleans Louisiana

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a west coast beauty that also has a lot of city life and nature to get out and enjoy! Some places in the city to visit would of course be the Space Needle for one.

View the city and the mountains in the distance if you decide to go up. Pike Place Market is another great city spot to be sure to see on your visit to Seattle. This is where the original Starbucks is, so coffee lovers may want to see that and grab their Starbucks “you are here” mug to bring home as a souvenir!

There are also over 200+ artisans, entertainers, and more here. You can also visit Kerry Park to get a view out over the city from a bit of a distance, or if you want to spend more time out in nature, spend the day hiking Mount Rainier which is the dormant volcano you can see in the Seattle skyline.

Seattle Washington

Nashville, Tennessee

Last, but certainly not least is Nashville, Tennessee! While you’re in Nashville, you can check out the Parthenon building which is a replica of the original Parthenon building from Ancient Greece.

If you’re a political history buff, you may be interested in visiting the home of former US President Andrew Jackson. Of course, if you’re in Nashville, a must-see is the Grand Ole Opry! Finish off your trip with a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame. 

Nashville Tennessee

There you have it! If you’re looking for the best places for solo female travel in the USA, this list will get you and your upcoming trip off to a good start!

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