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Noggins Corner: Apple Picking in Nova Scotia

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If you’re looking for apple picking in Nova Scotia, keep reading to learn about my experience at Noggins Corner.

I have always been that basic girl who anxiously awaits the yearly release of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

I love fall and all of the cozy colours and activities that come along with it. One fall tradition that I’ve never tried was apple picking! So this year I found a really cute orchard about 50 minutes from home and we set off to have a family day in the country. 

I can’t believe this is something I haven’t done before, it was so much fun! We arrived and there were pumpkins everywhere, but we were here for the apples today. We took a tractor ride away from the farm and out into the field until we were surrounded but so many different apple trees. 

I don’t have a “favourite” type of apple so we just wandered in the area where the tractor had dropped us off. We managed to find areas that appeared to be untouched by people. So many beautiful apples waiting to be picked! So of course we took a bunch of photos of the experience which you can enjoy below! 

If you’re ever in Nova Scotia during the fall months, I highly suggest visiting Noggins Corner in Greenwich Nova Scotia, only about an hour out of Halifax! 

*This post was originally written in 2017 for my old blog, but wanted to share it here!*

Apple trees in Nova Scotia
Apple trees in Nova Scotia
Girl picking apples in Nova Scotia
Girl picking apples in Nova Scotia
Apple trees in Nova Scotia
Apples on tree in Nova Scotia
Girl and her dogs apple picking
Apple trees in Nova Scotia

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