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9 Popular Things to do in New Jersey for Families

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Looking for some things to do in New Jersey that you could do with the whole family? Great, you’re in the right place!

New Jersey has so much to offer. Located on the east coast of the United States, it is a great beach destination with great options of attractions to see for any age!

Whether you want to be in nature by the ocean, or if you’re more excited about attractions like an amusement park, you won’t have any time to be bored in NJ!

Keep on reading to see some of the must-do things in New Jersey for families.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

This boardwalk is one of the most famous places for tourists to visit in Atlantic City.

It’s located right next to the beach and offers excellent views of the ocean. The boardwalk also features shops, restaurants, arcades, rides, shows, and more! There are even hotels along the boardwalk, making it perfect if you want to stay close by while enjoying your vacation.

The main reason this place is ideal for visitors is that it’s straightforward to get around. You can walk or ride bikes everywhere without having to worry about getting lost.

Atlantic City Boardwalk for post on things to do in New Jersey

If you’re looking for something different than just walking around the boardwalk, try taking a boat tour where you will be able to see everything up-close.

Another thing that makes this place unique is that it doesn’t cost anything to enter. All attractions are free except for parking fees. So why not go check out the boardwalk today?

Six Flags Great Adventure

If you love roller coasters, then Six Flags Great Adventure should be on your list of things to do in New Jersey.

This amusement park has over 50 thrill rides, including some of the best rollercoasters ever made, including Superman: Ride of Steel, Batman Dark Knight Coaster, X2 Racer, Twisted Colossus, and many others.

They have so much fun stuff here that there isn’t enough time to enjoy all of them, but we’ll give it our best shot anyway.

One of my favorite parts of visiting this park is going through their haunted house because I always find myself laughing at how scary it looks.

Also, don’t forget to take pictures with the characters from the movie “Batman Begins” who ‘live’ inside the park.

Battleship New Jersey

Battleship New Jersey is an interactive museum dedicated to telling the story of World War II.

Visitors can explore the ship itself, learn about the war, watch movies, play games, and interact with exhibits.

Battleship New Jersey is open seven days a week, and admission costs $14 per person. While you’re there, you might want to stop by the gift shop and pick up a souvenir like a hat or T-shirt.

Battleship New Jersey is unique because it allows people to experience what life would’ve been like during WWII. For example, you could pretend to be a sailor aboard the battleship and use hand signals to communicate with other sailors. Or maybe you’d instead act like a soldier and shoot guns at targets. Whatever type of role you choose, you’ll feel like part of the action.

Cape May

When you visit Cape May, you’ll notice that it’s surrounded by water. That means that you can easily access beaches, parks, museums, shopping centers, and more. Since it’s located near Philadelphia, you can also spend the day exploring Philly before heading home.

A colorful line of houses in Cape May New Jersey

Here are some of the top things to do in Cape May:

1) Visit the Beach – When you arrive at Cape May, you’ll probably want to head straight to the beach. Why wouldn’t you? The sand is soft and warm, the ocean is crystal clear, and the sunsets are gorgeous! There are plenty of places to stay along the coast too.

2) Explore Historic Districts – If you happen to drive around town, you may see signs pointing towards historic districts. These areas contain old buildings that date back hundreds of years. Some of the most popular ones include Washington Street, Broadway Avenue, and Ocean Drive.

3) See Local Artifacts – Many visitors come to Cape May to relax and unwind. So why not make art your hobby instead? Head to the local galleries and antique shops to buy paintings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, furniture, and even artwork created by famous artists.

4) Shop till You Drop – With so many great restaurants and stores, you don’t have to worry about running out of fun stuff to do while visiting Cape May. Plus, if you plan, you can save money off retail prices when you purchase items through their website.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island was built between 1892 and 1904. It served as America’s main gateway for immigrants entering the country until 1954.

Today, Ellis Island has become a national monument and memorial park.

This site is now a museum that tells the stories of those who came to America via this island. Ellis Island offers its visitors tours, educational programs, special events, and much more.

Also, if you decide to take the time, you will get to walk across the original stone pathway that once led to immigration officials. In addition, you will view several rooms that display historical artifacts such as clothing worn by immigrant passengers. Finally, you will hear first-hand accounts of how immigrants felt upon arriving in America.

Paterson Great Falls

This is one of the attraction sites in Paterson, New Jersey. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the falls on the Passaic River. They can also learn about the history behind the area.

The waterfall is approximately 100 feet tall. Its height makes it an impressive sight. However, its beauty doesn’t stop there. The surrounding landscape features lush greenery and colorful flowers.

Paterson Falls in New Jersey USA

The river also flows right next to the waterfall, making it easy to spot wildlife. If you’re looking for something different to do during your trip to Paterson, consider taking a hike or biking down the trail that leads to the falls. Not only does hiking give you a chance to experience nature up close, but it also gives you a unique perspective of the city from above.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

When you get to New Jersey’s capital, Trenton, be sure to visit Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

Here, you can explore the life of inventor Thomas Alva Edison. He lived here with his family from 1880 to 1887 before moving away to West Orange. His home still stands today and serves as a museum dedicated to him.

In addition to touring the house, you can also check out other exhibits, including photographs, letters, inventions, and personal belongings belonging to Mr. Edison.

What visitors like most about the park are all the interactive displays. For example, they include a working model of the light bulb he invented, a laboratory replica of where he worked, and a recreation of his childhood bedroom.

There’s also a theater showing short films related to his work. If you want to see what else is available at the park, you should know that it includes over 30 buildings, two museums, four gardens, three trails, and five historic districts.

Asbury Park Boardwalk

Asbury Park Boardwalk is one of the best known tourist attractions in New Jersey.

You can find many shops along the boardwalk. These stores sell souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, food, art, etc. There are also restaurants located near the beach.

Some of these places offer live entertainment, while others serve delicious seafood dishes.

When you have had enough shopping and eating, you can relax on the sand.

Many people come to Asbury Park because of its famous beaches. However, the best part of visiting Asbury Park is experiencing the atmosphere created by the

Newark Museum

The Newark Museum is known for being the oldest public library in North America. It was opened in 1771 and became a cultural center for Newark residents.

Today, the building houses the Newark Museum. Inside, you’ll find collections of Native American objects, African items, Asian treasures, European paintings, and even some natural science specimens.

You may not realize it, but the Newark Museum also holds quite a bit of significance in the world of sports. This museum has been called “the birthplace of basketball.” This claim comes from the fact that James Naismith developed the game inside the museum’s walls back in 1895. He played around with various ideas until he came across a peach basket filled with rubber balls.

I hope that this post has gotten you really excited about your upcoming trip to New Jersey.

As you can see, there are so many amazing and fun things to do in New Jersey. Be sure you don’t miss them on your next vacation!

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