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The 10 Top Places to Go Alone in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles has become a mecca for tourists from around the world. It’s also becoming a popular destination for locals looking for something new. But with so many choices, how do you find the perfect place to visit alone?

There are tons of great spots to visit solo in LA. In fact, there are over 100 places where you can enjoy yourself without any company. However, not every spot will make you feel comfortable being alone. Some places may even make you uncomfortable.

If you’re planning a trip to LA, then read this list of places to visit alone. Each location has its pros and cons, so you should choose wisely. Then, once you’ve made your choice, check out my tips for visiting these places safely and comfortably.

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Is it Safe to Travel to Los Angeles Alone?

Los Angeles is a great city to visit alone. There are many things to see and do here, and you can easily navigate around without having anyone else to worry about. However, like any big city, there are risks involved in traveling alone. Here are some tips to keep in mind when visiting Los Angeles alone.

-Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

When you’re walking down the street, always look both ways before crossing the road. Don’t assume that everyone else knows what they’re doing, and don’t walk blindly into traffic. Always pay attention to your surroundings, especially when you’re near busy streets.

-Stay Alert

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Make sure you know where you’re going, and take note of anything suspicious. Keep your phone handy, and call 911 if you feel threatened.

-Know Where You Can Go

If you’re staying somewhere unfamiliar, check out the area beforehand. Find out where the nearest police station is located, and ask for directions. Also, try to find out what kind of crime tends to occur in the neighborhood, and avoid those areas if possible.

-Get Some Advice

Ask friends or family members for advice before you head out. They may have suggestions for restaurants or activities that you haven’t thought of yet. Also ask the locals for their opinion on safety issues. Most people want to help others, and they’ll be happy to share their knowledge.

– Use Common Sense

Don’t drink too much alcohol, and never accept rides from strangers. Avoid dark alleys and parking lots, and stick to well-lit public spaces.

Can I get around LA without a car?

Los Angeles is a huge city, and getting around without a car can be difficult. However, there are many ways to travel around the city without having to drive.

Public transportation is available throughout the city, and there are buses and trains. There are also taxis, ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, and bike rentals.

Many hotels offer free shuttle service to local attractions, and some offer complimentary shuttles to popular destinations. Some cities have bicycle lanes, and others have designated bike paths. These options should give you plenty of choices for traveling around Los Angeles without driving.

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10 Places To Go Alone in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Zoo

If you love visiting zoos, the Los Angles Zoo will not disappoint! This zoo is filled with different species of animals from around the globe. You can see everything from giant pandas to polar bears, giraffes, and even elephants. A trip to the zoo is a great choice for your solo trip.

Take a stroll through Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Los Angeles. The park offers an array of fun activities for people of all ages. You can hike along trails, picnic on the grassy hillsides, play sports, ride bikes, or just relax by the lake.

In addition to its recreational opportunities, Griffith Park is also home to the Griffith Observatory. Visitors can climb to the top of the observatory to view the night sky.

Visit the Hollywood Sign

One of the best things to do in Los Angeles is to visit the famous Hollywood sign. It’s definitely worth seeing while you’re in town. It’s a cool experience just watching the lights change on the letters as cars drive past. You can even hike up to the top of the hill to get a better view, this is a popular activity during sunset.

Visit the Huntington Botanical Gardens

This botanic garden features over 40 acres of beautiful landscapes, including many different types of trees, flowers, and shrubs.

You can easily spend hours exploring this place without feeling rushed. And it’s even better because you don’t have to bring anyone else along! You’ll see lots of people walking around, but most of them seem to be tourists. So, you won’t feel like you’re intruding on someone’s personal space.

If you want to relax and enjoy nature, you should definitely consider visiting the Huntington Botanical Gardens. They offer visitors a chance to experience some peace and quiet while being surrounded by greenery and plants. Plus, you can take pictures of the scenery and admire the beauty of the surroundings.

Take a Stroll in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of California’s most popular tourist destinations. But while tourists flock here to see the famous boardwalk and beachfront attractions, locals know there are plenty of hidden gems tucked away among the shops and restaurants along the way. One such gem is the Ocean Front Walk, a bustling pedestrian thoroughfare lined with unique boutiques, quirky eateries, and friendly vendors offering everything from tacos to tarot readings.

The walk stretches from North Venice Boulevard at its southern terminus to about Park Avenue at its northern limit.

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Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Beach is a popular tourist destination in Southern California. One of the main attractions is the pier. The pier features restaurants, shops, and rides for kids.

Visitors can rent bikes, roller blades, surfboards, and scooters to explore the beach. Many tourists come to the pier to eat seafood and ice cream.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Boulevard is one of the most famous streets in the world. There are thousands of stars embedded in the sidewalk, representing actors, musicians, directors, producers, writers, and others who made history in entertainment.

It’s impossible to walk down Hollywood Boulevard without seeing at least one star. And if you happen to find yourself walking down the street alone, you’ll probably notice that everyone seems to be staring at you.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a neighborhood in West Los Angeles. It is considered one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the United States.

People flock to Beverly Hills to see celebrities live and work. They also come to buy expensive homes and cars.

Beverly Hills has several museums, parks, and shopping centers. Visitors can spend hours wandering around these areas.

Browse the shops on Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is known as one of the most exclusive shopping areas in America. If you want to shop till you drop, then you should definitely check out this street. There are tons of high-end stores that sell expensive clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and accessories.

There are also several smaller streets nearby that feature trendy boutiques selling clothes, art, and other items.

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Visit the Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake is another fantastic place to go for solo travelers in Los Angeles. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, it is the perfect spot to enjoy nature. Here, you will find a beautiful lake surrounded by greenery. There are many viewpoints where you can take pictures and admire the scenery.

You will see people walking around, enjoying themselves and taking photos. You can do the same thing too.


Chinatown Ghost Tour

If you’re solo but want to be around others, why not venture through the neon-lit streets of Chinatown on a ghost tour?

Guided by an expert ghost hunter, you’ll unravel haunting tales of the neighborhood, and seek out evidence of the paranormal using professional ghost hunting gear at known haunted locations such as the eerie Chinatown metro station and an old milling warehouse where memories of tragic deaths still haunt. The tour concludes with a mystical ceremony to honor the spirits and ensure a safe departure.

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Final Note

In conclusion, Los Angeles has tons of places to visit solo. Whether you’re looking for a fun place to spend the afternoon or an upscale shopping experience, you’ll find what you need in LA. So start packing for your solo trip today. 

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