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The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Cary, NC

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Cary, North Carolina, has emerged as one of the most sought-after places to live in the United States. With its close proximity to the Research Triangle Park, excellent schools, and a high quality of life, Cary attracts families, professionals, and retirees alike.

In this article, we delve into the best neighborhoods Cary has to offer, providing insights into their unique characteristics, amenities, and why they stand out as top living destinations.

Preston: A Premier Golf Community

Preston is not just a neighborhood; it’s a lifestyle. This prestigious area is known for the Prestonwood Country Club, a centerpiece that offers golf, tennis, swimming, and social events. The homes in Preston range from luxurious estates to charming townhomes, catering to a diverse set of preferences.

The meticulously landscaped streets and the availability of top-tier educational institutions make it a perfect choice for those seeking an upscale lifestyle.

Amberly: Family-Friendly Living

Amberly stands out for its family-oriented environment and outstanding community facilities. The Amberly Residents Club offers a water park, fitness center, and spaces for community gatherings. The neighborhood is designed with connectivity in mind, featuring walking trails and green spaces that encourage outdoor activities.

With a mix of single-family homes and townhouses, Amberly accommodates a variety of family sizes and budgets.

Carpenter Village: Quaint and Connected

Carpenter Village combines the charm of traditional architecture with the convenience of modern amenities. This neighborhood is appreciated for its walkable layout, featuring a central lake, community gazebo, and a mix of shops and services.

The Carpenter Village Market hosts events that foster a tight-knit community spirit. Its location offers easy access to major highways, simplifying commutes to Raleigh, Durham, and the Research Triangle Park.

Lochmere: Serene Lakeside Living

Lochmere is a serene, lakeside community that prides itself on its natural beauty and recreational amenities. With three lakes, walking trails, tennis courts, and swimming pools, residents have ample opportunities for leisure and outdoor activities.

The Lochmere Golf Club adds to the neighborhood’s appeal, providing residents with exclusive access to one of Cary’s premier golf courses. Lochmere’s diverse housing options ensure that it remains a top choice for those prioritizing tranquility and community.

Highcroft: Modern Convenience Meets Nature

Highcroft is renowned for its balance of modern living and nature. The neighborhood features contemporary homes set against a backdrop of natural beauty, with extensive walking trails and open spaces. Highcroft Drive Elementary School, located within the neighborhood, is one of Cary’s most highly rated schools, making Highcroft a coveted location for families.

The Highcroft Village Swim Club is a community hub, offering a pool, pavilion, and various social events throughout the year.


Cary, NC, is home to neighborhoods that cater to a wide range of lifestyles and preferences. Whether you’re seeking an upscale golf community, family-friendly amenities, quaint village charm, serene lakeside living, or a modern neighborhood intertwined with nature, Cary has something to offer. Each neighborhood mentioned provides residents with a unique living experience, characterized by community spirit, recreational facilities, and access to excellent educational institutions. Choosing to live in Cary means investing in a quality of life that is hard to match elsewhere.

This article aims to assist those looking to call Cary home in making an informed decision. Living in Cary, NC, offers the perfect blend of community, nature, and modern conveniences, making it an ideal choice for many.

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