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The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Grand Rapids

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Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or someone seeking the charm of urban living with the tranquility of suburban life, Grand Rapids offers a neighborhood that caters to every lifestyle.

In this detailed exploration, we uncover the best neighborhoods in Grand Rapids, ensuring your search for the perfect home is both effortless and informed.

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Heritage Hill – A Historical Haven

Heritage Hill stands as a testament to architectural beauty and historical preservation. As one of the country’s largest urban historic districts, this neighborhood boasts over 1,300 homes dating from the 1840s to the 1920s.

The streets are lined with Victorian, Tudor, and Colonial Revival homes, each telling a story of the city’s rich past. For those who appreciate the charm and character of historic homes, Heritage Hill offers a unique living experience, combined with a close-knit community atmosphere.

Eastown – The Heart of Art and Culture

Eastown is the epitome of vibrant urban living. Known for its eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, this neighborhood attracts a diverse group of residents with its bohemian flair.

The annual Eastown Streetfair is a highlight, showcasing local artists, musicians, and artisans. Living in Eastown means embracing diversity, creativity, and community spirit, making it a perfect spot for artists, students, and young professionals.

Forest Hills – Suburban Bliss with Urban Convenience

For those seeking a suburban lifestyle without sacrificing the conveniences of city living, Forest Hills offers the best of both worlds.

This neighborhood is renowned for its excellent school district, spacious homes, and beautifully landscaped parks. With easy access to downtown Grand Rapids, residents enjoy a peaceful suburban environment while being just a short drive away from the city’s cultural and entertainment offerings.

Gaslight Village – Charming and Picturesque

Gaslight Village, nestled within the larger East Grand Rapids area, exudes charm and elegance. The neighborhood’s centerpiece, Gaslight Village shopping district, offers an array of boutique shops, cozy cafés, and fine dining options, all within walking distance.

The picturesque Reeds Lake, bordering the neighborhood, provides outdoor enthusiasts with opportunities for boating, fishing, and picnicking. Gaslight Village is ideal for those who cherish community vibes and outdoor activities.

Belknap Lookout – Panoramic Views and Proximity to Downtown

Perched atop a bluff, Belknap Lookout offers stunning views of the Grand River and downtown Grand Rapids.

This neighborhood has undergone significant revitalization, attracting a mix of professionals and families drawn to its affordable housing, scenic overlooks, and proximity to the city’s business and entertainment districts. Belknap Lookout is a hidden gem for those who desire urban living with breathtaking vistas.

Roosevelt Park – Cultural Diversity and Community Spirit

Roosevelt Park is a vibrant and tight-knit community, celebrated for its cultural diversity. The neighborhood is home to a rich blend of Hispanic cultures, reflected in the local eateries, shops, and annual festivals.

Residents of Roosevelt Park are passionate about community engagement, making it an inviting place for newcomers. The neighborhood’s affordability and cultural vibrancy make it a great option for those who value a sense of belonging and community.


Grand Rapids offers a variety of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and appeal. Whether you’re drawn to the historic allure of Heritage Hill, the creative energy of Eastown, the suburban comforts of Forest Hills, the quaint charm of Gaslight Village, the stunning views of Belknap Lookout, or the vibrant community spirit of Roosevelt Park, there’s a place for you in Grand Rapids.

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