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Pack These 7 Items for the Perfect Camping Outfits

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Camping has always been considered a popular pastime and a highly enjoyable way to get some well-deserved R&R. Nothing beats the feeling of immersing in nature, breathing in some fresh air, and leaving all the woes of city life behind.

But because camping requires time in the great outdoors, one needs to have the willingness to brave the elements with only the bare necessities. This can be quite a challenge for those who are not used to roughing it out and thus don’t know how to dress accordingly.

That said, it’s possible to stay stylish without sacrificing some much-needed comfort and protection while camping. If you’re planning to go on an outdoor excursion soon, be sure to check your wardrobe for these camping essentials before heading out:

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Comfortable and Moisture-Wicking Tops and Bottoms

Going camping means doing a lot of physical activities such as hiking, pitching tents, and cooking over a fire, to name a few. For this reason, you should pack moisture-wicking tops and bottoms that will keep you comfortable even with the physical exertion you will be doing. Clothes made from synthetic fibres like nylon, spandex, and polyester tend to be breathable and quick-drying, which is ideal for moving around rugged terrains and areas with a wet climate.

There’s nothing detrimental about wearing jeans on a camping trip, but heavy clothes like denim jeans tend to be restrictive and might not be the best for camping. You may want to opt for more comfortable options and buy leggings for women online that are stylish enough to pair with camping-ready tops. Overall, comfier options such as these can make a big difference when you need to sweat it out on the campgrounds.

Tank Tops or Workout Onesies

Tank tops are practical items that can be worn as layering pieces or on their own, making them fantastic pieces for camping outfits. Temperatures can change throughout the day, especially in places where weather changes tend to be drastic. When packing for your hiking trip, consider bringing lightweight tank tops that you can wear on sunny days or under a jacket during chilly weather.

The workout onesie is another wardrobe staple that has been making rounds among trendsetters, especially those who are into the athleisure aesthetic. Aside from being a snug piece of activewear, the workout onesie can look stylish during a camping trip when worn under a large jacket and with boots or sneakers. As mentioned above, it’s best to wear “base” pieces made from moisture-wicking fabric, especially since you’re wearing them close to your skin where your sweat tends to accumulate, and onesies with moisture-wicking qualities can serve that purpose.

Thick Outer Layers

Regardless of the weather forecast, you should still bring enough layers to keep yourself warm against chilly winds and drizzles. Windbreakers look great with bike shorts and hiking boots or sneakers, while rain jackets and parkas can elevate your camping-friendly leggings-and-boots combo. Bomber jackets are also all the rage right now, and they can be paired with a cute top for a stylish ensemble that can keep your body insulated despite low temperatures.

Thin Layers

Temperatures tend to be a lot warmer during the day, especially during the spring and summer. To keep your body comfortable under the sun, you may want to bring light long-sleeved pieces along with your heavy windbreakers or rain jackets. You can pack a light sweater, a cardigan, or a flannel shirt that you can take off and put on again when the temperature calls for it. Flannels, in particular, are timeless pieces that exude a lumberjack-chic aesthetic and a laid-back ‘90s flair that’s perfect for camping trips.

Loose Pants

In addition to form-fitting bottoms like leggings and biker shorts, you should also pack some loose-fitting pants to give your legs room to breathe. Trail pants are specifically designed for trails and can be paired with stylish hiking boots and a tank top. Jogger pants are similarly versatile and can get you from early-morning coffee to campfire nights making s’mores.

When it gets chilly, you can wear leggings under your pants for extra warmth. You can opt for loose pants with an elevated design value, which would allow you to camp in style while keeping your thighs and legs snug throughout the day.

Denim Cutoffs or Shorts

If you’re camping during the spring or summer months, it would be a great idea to pack your trusty pair of cloth shorts or denim cutoffs. You’re sure to have a bunch of fun activities lined up in the daytime, so it’s best to keep your legs cool and comfy in the heat. The great thing about shorts is that they can be paired with pretty much anything, whether it’s an oversized shirt, a crop top, or a hoodie. To make your outfit look extra cute, pair your cutoffs with chic ankle-high hiking boots.

Sun Hats, Visors, and Beanies

Aside from your body and feet, you also need to keep the top of your head protected from the elements when you hit the campgrounds. To keep your head shielded from the heat, consider packing a large sun hat, a baseball cap, or a visor. In addition to protecting your eyes, having a bit of shade on your head can shield your face from bugs and prevent nasty bites and stings. More than just a form of protection, these nifty hats can also serve as accessories that can elevate a simple hiking outfit.

Likewise, your head would also need some protection when the chilly air sets in during the dawn or evening. Beanies can keep your head warm against cold temperatures, and they won’t take up much space in your luggage. If you can, consider getting beanies in various colours and designs that you can pair with different shirts, jackets, flannels, and more.

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Conclusion: Keeping Camping Fun, Comfy, and Chic

Just because camping requires a lot of moving around in nature doesn’t mean you have to do away with fashion. While it’s true that comfort and functionality are essential to camping, you can still put together chic outfits that allow for optimal movement and comfort. The next time you need to go on an outdoor adventure, be sure to pack the essentials mentioned above to stay prepared for whatever nature has to offer.

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